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A Hell of A Team
What’s sixty feet tall and thirty feet wide? The tree monster that wants to kill Dean.
What’s bigger & stronger than a tree monster? Dean’s little brother Sam.
Written for Angel’s Rest. Set in Season 5.

2865 words

 A Little Reading Before Bedtime 
Tag to 4.18. It's the middle of the night. Dean's been reading Chuck's books and can't get to sleep. He decides to have one of 'those' conversations with Sam.
2078 Words


As Bad as I Thought
Early Season 7
Sam wakes up from a hell-seizure and hears an interesting phone call between Dean & Bobby.
1868 words

Missing Scene to 5.06 Two brothers, a ham, and a joy-buzzer.
283 words


You think fighting evil is hard work? Try taking care of two sick Winchester boys.
Season 4, Bobby's POV
6792 words

Imagine That

Did you know that there's a folk group named after the boys? Sam thinks so.
Pre-series. Sam is 17, Dean is 21.

302 Words


Look Both Ways

AU for "Song Remains the Same":
I'm a Sam-Girl; Anna shouldn't have tried to mess with Sam.
62 Words


Paperweight - 02/21/2012

A new story that wouldn’t leave me alone until I wrote it. 
Sam is in pain & drugged up and wants to talk about rock-paper-scissors.
Set between 7.13 & 7.14.

1397 Words


Picnic - edited
Dean decides he wants to have a picnic. Sam decides Dean is crazy.
Set vaguely in S3.

1435 Words


Sparkles the Little Brother - 03/18/2012
Tag Scene to Plucky Pennywhistle
Getting Sam through that first night after he was attacked by the clowns

3395 words



Missing scene.
Sam tells Bobby & Cas that he's taking Dean and going to save Adam from Michael.
226 Words


Two Weeks

Jessica has been dead two weeks, and Sam hurts. Just a bit of fluff.
372 Words



Tag to MBV, in the panic room: Sick Sam and Big Brother Dean.
Told from Cas' POV, who can't understand what Sam's saying.

1300 words