You’re gonna what?” Bobby swung his chair around to face me so fast, I think he left skid marks on the linoleum.


“I said I’m gonna take Dean and Cas and go get Adam.”


“Dean. You’re gonna take Dean.”


“Yeah. Dean.”


“That is a very unwise decision.” Cas chimed in, sounding as absolute as I used to think the voice of God would sound.


“No, it’s not.” I told him. Angel or not, I didn’t care. Nobody knows my brother like I know him.


“Michael will find him there and Dean will say yes.”


No. He won’t.” I said, in my deepest voice, and Cas leaned back a little. I can sound like the voice of God, too.


“Sam – .” Bobby started again. “Cas is right. Dean ain’t exactly at the top of his game right now. Whatever he’s thinking or feeling about why he’s got to say ‘yes’, he’s bound and determined to say it.”


“But he won’t.”


“How can you be so sure?” Bobby demanded. “You’ve been wrong about Dean before.”


“Yeah.” I had to agree. “Whenever I underestimated him.”


I checked my pocket for the keys to the cuffs and turned to Cas.


“Be ready to go in fifteen minutes.”


Then I headed for the panic room to remind my brother and myself that we worked best when we worked together.


The end.