Author's Note: The folk group referenced here actually exists  




          The search for info for a hunt took them to the house of a friend of Dad's. The neighbors were having a garage sale and when the info turned into old times between John & his friend, Dean took Sam across the street to see what they could find. Dean went to the CD collection, Sam started looking through boxes of books. 

         "Hey Dean – buy this book for me. I don't have enough money." Sam was seventeen and had just grown as tall as Dean.

          "What is it?" Dean asked, not taking his attention off of the music in front of him.  

            "It's a book, just buy it for me."

             "Is it dirty?"

              "Dean – no. It's just – it was on my list of recommended reading for senior year…" Dean didn't answer and Sam plugged on. "It's two dollars and I've only got one dollar…I wanna read at least one of the books before I start school again in September."

             "All right. I guess, whatever."


               Sam started looking through the CDs and suddenly grabbed one and pulled it out of the box.

               "Hey Dean – guess what? There's a folk group named for us!"

                 "Yeah – right."

                 "No – really. Guess what they're called." He held the jewel case against his chest so Dean couldn't see.

               "There is not a group named for us." Dean said.

               "Bet me?"

               "If there's a group named for us, I will buy you two books."

               Sam gave Dean a look that claimed victory and turned the jewel case around.

               "Sons of the Never Wrong."

               Dean bought Sam three books.


The End